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Happy New Year!

It’s  the first day of 2013 and for many this means new beginnings. It can be a time of reflection on life and the past twelve months.  For others it’s just another day, another year and really nothing special. Personally, I choose reflection, new beginnings, new goals (some old ones too), big dreams and definitely new adventures in 2013.

When I reflect over the last year I have various different feelings and thoughts about it. While it wasn’t my best year, it definitely wasn’t my worst. We had some really rough moments in our house coming off of a rough 2011. There were times where we didn’t know how bills were going to be paid, I got laid off a second time due to company closure, various times of unemployment, behavior issues with the kids at home and school, 15+ hour days away from the family driving a cab that barely covered our food budget……. and most of this with no vehicle.

While this list may seem like I’m whining, I’m not. There’s no question that these hardships or challenges where tough. Tough on me, tough on my wife Danielle and tough on my kids. They were all victories that I can look back on and thank God for getting us through each and every one. Not just getting us through them but overcoming each and every one.

2012 Victories to name a few:

  • My relationship with God grew
  • My marriage grew stronger
  • Signing The Resolution for Men Commitment
  • Starting a Mens Small Group in our home
  • Getting hired in my dream job
  • We got a vehicle
  • I didn’t give up

2013 Resolutions to name a few:

  • Put God first in everything
  • Strengthen my relationships
  • Read the Bible cover to cover
  • Serve others more
  • Read a book a month
  • Finish four consecutive 90 day challenges
  • Retire my wife

I learned to be thankful in it all in 2012. Thankful in the rough times and in the good times. I know that if I consistently put God first, serve others and never quit, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Ultimately my failure and my successes in everything is my responsibility. And finally, that every day is and can be a new beginning. However, that’s no excuse to put it off until tomorrow, I can start right now.

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Unfinished Business Part 2

I have been pretty blessed to have some great teachers and mentors in and a part of my life. They have taught me so many great things about life and being successful. Successful in my home life and in business. All that learning doesn’t do me a bit of good without some focused action.

I believe my selfish nature and ability to settle on mediocrity has kept me from living up to my full potential. Something I’m notorious for, NOT living up to my potential. Moving forward….

  • My What (Life: Spiritual, Family, Business and Health)
  • My Why (“you have to have a why big enough to make you cry”)
  • No Excuses (“Excuses are well planned lies”)
  • Take Action Now

So Here and Now, moving forward, I am proclaiming over my life to be a finisher, an anti-procrastinator and a mediocrity crusher. My WHY is bigger than my excuses and I refuse to let life’s inevitable challenges get in my way.


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Unfinished Business

All my life I have started and stopped many many things. I have just plain given in, given up and quit. Some would describe me as a procrastinator and a quitter. Lazy. I can’t really even count on my hands and feet the numerous amount of times I have given up. I can’t really call it failure because failing implies that something was completed in failure.

Through these occurrences of giving up or quitting I have blown many opportunities and have let lots of people down. Most of all myself, worst of all….my wife and my kids. Broken promises, life of poverty and disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done some pretty great things too. I’ve gotten my second degree black belt, been hired by some pretty great companies, started and ran a successful brick and mortar business, worked successfully from home while supporting my family. All of which I quit.

In the last few years, because of Celebrate Recovery, I have made many positive changes in my life. However, even with the great changes, I still have this underlying nonsense of quit or laziness in me. I have a serious lack of action and focus, especially on what’s important and why.

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